Martingale Calculator

The Martingale Calculator is an advanced tool designed to assist traders in optimizing their risk management strategy. It's based on the Martingale system, which advises doubling the trade size after each loss, until a win is achieved. 📈

Your trading starts with a $1 bet. The "Win/Loss Ratio" input, which is set by default at 70%, means you have a 70% chance of winning each trade and a corresponding 30% chance of losing. If a loss occurs, the system suggests doubling your next trade to $2, reducing the probability of a consecutive loss to 15%.

This process is continuously iterated, with each loss halving the loss probability and doubling the trade size, which provides a chance to recoup previous losses upon the next win. However, note that this strategy can rapidly drain your balance in the event of an extended losing streak. ⚠️

Remember, adjusting the Win/Loss ratio significantly alters the outcome probabilities, tailoring the system to your risk tolerance. The calculator can map up to ten steps, allowing you to plan your strategy accurately.

Your Trading Balance

Starting Trade Size

Win / Loss Ratio (%)

# Martingale Steps Chance of losing the next trade

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